zondag 5 oktober 2014

Fabulous Food

I've always loved food, to eat and to make or bake. When I open the fridge door and see so many vegetables and other ingredients my hands start to itch to turn them into great dishes...

Like pumpkin soup, shown above. Not with orange or apple this tine, but pumpkin plus carrot, onion and cellery. It was a recipe mom found online & I was more than happy to test it out.

The next day I made another new recipe, red cabbage salad with goatscheese and grapefruit. This recipe I got from Sweet Paul eat and make's recipebook. Which I borrowed from the library. Tasted absolutely fabulous!! I definitely want to make it again soon :)

Been reading a lot of cookbooks & something else we made this week where oyster mushrooms, we had them as the vegetarian element of our meal. They don't need much doing to them & these irressistable looking mushrooms taste really yummy. It was a  simple meal, which I often prefer to elaborate banquets.

We had then with potatoes and rainbow carrots, or that's what I like to call them. As they ahve several colors. From white to yellow, orange and even purple. Which is my favorite color :)

What wonderful dishes have you've been cooking? Pumpkin soup? Rainbow carrots? Or something completely different? Do tell us all about it!

Best wishes, 
Jo's Daughter

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  1. Hi! I've bought rainbow carrots a while ago too, such beautiful colors. How did you prepare them?
    I've prepared them in the oven, cutted in big chunks, with olive oil, cumin seeds and some fresh grinded pepper. YUMM!

    1. I cooked them and flavored them with thyme, but cumin sounds delicious too :D


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