maandag 13 oktober 2014

Ladies Day(s)

My sister invited me for the weekend, I would sleepover at her place & we'd go to the ladies day. She did not have to ask me twice & so I packed my bag, grabbed my camera and toothbrush...
Off I went, well of we went, Mom & Dad joined me as we would have a family dinner first and then they would travel back to Pale Rose as I stayed in, awaiting the ladies day.
For dinner we had Mom's pumpkin soup with orange & some bread. We had brought it along so that when my sister came home we could eat quickly and have some extra time to chat. As a dessert my sister had Speculoos pudding, dairy free custard with speculaas flavor, such an autumny treat :)

Then Mom and Dad drove back to the cottage and our girly weekend had began. We nibbled on pistachio nuts, drank tea and catched up. I was really looking forward to it.
The next day we had a grapefruit, did some shopping. Ate cauliflower with "meatballs" and baked potatoes, for lunch yummy!
Talked, painted our nails & off we went for the ladies day. It would be an afternoon of crafting, with tea and cupcakes :) When we got to the place where it was held, some other women where already waiting to craft. My sister and I got there 5 miutes early and so we talkeda bit, and smiled a lot as we where so excited to get to work.

The ladies that held the workshop told us how to begin, first we sanded 4 pieces of wood. Next we glued them to a wooden square background. Then we nailed them all together for extra strength.

And finally we painted our display box to give it a finished look. We both chose a white paint, but you could also pick dark red or grey paint.

We drank a cup of tea & ate a cupcake with a funny umbrella in it. Just the cake, not the umbrella off course ;) And we picked up our still wet boxes and went home. All in all we where there for a good two hours of fun. I was really glad we had done this together as I had enjoyed myself tremendously. Back at my sister's place we ate a sandwhich, watched a bit of tv & went to sleep.
Sunday morning we baked super easy Banana pancakes for breakfast. My sister had made these before and as they are simple to make and taste delicious she wanted me to try them too. I rather liked this ide and was happy to accept:)
You mash 2 bananas and whisk in 4 eggs, then you bake 12 small pancakes with them & I can assure you they taste lovely. A good banana flavor & not at all eggy as I had "feared" for a moment.

Time flew by and before we knew it we had eaten lunch and Mom & Dad where there to pick me up. We drank something and chatted some, I packed my bags and said goodbye. How quickly the weekend had gone by. But for my Birthday we will go to my sisters place again and celebrate it there so... just a few more days.

How's your weekend been? Went to a ladies day? Had a sleepover? Baked Banana pancakes? Somethig else fun yoiu'd like to talk about? Please do!

Until next time,
Jo's Daughter

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Sounds like another great sister weekend! Nice to go to a workshop together too :D Where do you use the display for?

    1. Haven't found the perfect place yet & I want to paint it once more... To be continued ;)

  2. Ladies day sounds fabulous. Lots of lovely food as well!

    1. Thank you Lucy! The food was really good, especially the easy pancakes.


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