zaterdag 18 oktober 2014

Potter, Popcorn and other Pleasantries

I went to my friend S.'s house, as we had agreed to watch a movie together. She's been to Pale Rose a couple times in the past weeks. So it was time for me to visit her place now...

I brought the film Miss Potter, S had never seen this gem before & so I was delighted to bring it for view. As kids we'd both seen the adventure of Peter Rabbit and Flopsy bunny on tv. S told me she particulary remembered the cat rolled in the pastry & I was favorable to Jemima Puddel duck :)

This film is one of my favorites and so I did not mind it a bit to watch it once more. We had tea and green grapes, time flew by & before I knew it I was back at Pale Rose.

A few days later my friend came to the cottage for another visit. After I was ill, she made the time to see me more often. Something I am grateful for, as we always have a good time when together :)

She brought her new cookbook with her & told me about the curly kale crisps recipe in it. I rather liked the sound of kale crisps and out of her bag cane a packet of kale. So we stepped into the kitchen of Pale Rose and started cooking. You had to mix oil and soy sauce, sprinkle it on top of the curly kale & next bake the kale in the oven. Where it would crisp up, as it turned crispy we chatted, drank tea, laughed and cried a bit. Well, I cried a bit, S just comforted me. The ovenbell rang and we took out green crispy leaves that tasted delicious. They reminded me a bit of seaweed :)

Now a packet of corn came out of S's bag and she told me we could make popcorn. She needn't ask me twice and I took a pan from the cupboard, put in a bit of oil. We added the corn and put the lid on. Pop pop pop the corn went & a bit later as it was quiet the whole pan was full of bright white popcorn, yummy. We added some herbal salt to it and took the big bowl into the livingroom.

Before we knew it, it was time for my friend to go home & for me to go to sleep :) What a wonderful day it had been! Full of pleasant things.

How has your week been? Watch a movie? Made crisps from kale? Had popcorn you made yourself? Or a friend visit you? Do tell us all about it, we'd love to know!

Best wishes,
Jo's Daughter

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  1. What a wonderful day! I have never seen the film either, but they have it on Amazon, so I will have to see it!

    1. It truly was a day that I like to remember. I hope you enjoy the film, it's really fun :)


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