donderdag 2 oktober 2014

Super cute fairies, Sunflower & Sewing


Autumn is in full swing, the leaves of our tree are changing color. Now a bright red, bringing a jolly look to Pale Roses garden. In which our only sunflower showed it's bright yellow leaves with pride.  During our visit to the army library we spotted a bunch of interesting looking items. Acorns and propellers, a little husk of a beech tree. Mom immediately knew what we would do with them => make fairies...
Add some beeswax for heads and to stick the wings on & tada, here they are! How cute is this trio?! When mom told me she was going to make these tiny fairies I couldn't really picture them. But as I saw the finished creatures I found them adorable, especially the little beret on the left one made me smile :)


I too have been creative this week. I sewed a pink sqaure around a piece of cardboard times two. Sewed them together with a little hanging loop attached & added a crochet sqaure Mom made a long time ago. I loved the vintage look of the crochet flower. Couldn't let it lay unused in the cupboard, so I turned it into a little decorative piece. Now hanging on the end of my bed, looking pretty.


How's your week been? Made fairies out of acorns? Watched the leaves in your garden put on their autumn shades? Sewed something? Do tell!! We'd love to know...

Best Wishes,
Jo's Daughter

6 opmerkingen:

  1. those little guys are so cute, and love the square. :)

    1. Thank you momto5! I like the sqaure too, it's such a nice "vintage" touch :)

  2. Aw those fairies are so sweet! What a lovely idea :)


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