zondag 9 november 2014

A Special High Tea

On Saterday my friend S. came to Pale Rose cottage, we drank a cup of tea. Had a brief chat & then she drove us to the nearest city, for our special day. Like last year, we were going to have a High tea...

We got there on time and walked to the restaurant. Where we were seated by the window, with a nice view of the market, which was in full swing. The lady served us a strawberry smoothie that was rather lovely and light.
Next a cup of Earl Grey tea with Lemon and a pumpkin and ginger soup, with spring onion :) That really warmed my tum. It was wonderful to spend the afternoon together enjoying the delights of the high tea and our flowing conversation.
The next "course"was a mushroom and egg stirfry, spelt bun with grilled zuchini and tomato, A quinoa with green beens and bellpepper & a spelt bun with egg and tomatoe salsa.
Here's another cllose up photo of the beautiful cakestand filled with savory snacks. Are you also getting hungry (again) or is that just me ;)
For desert we had an appel crumble and a melon salad with sabayon sauce. The crumble had toasted nuts on top and was sweetend with raisins. It was one of my favorite treats this afternoon. Going on this High Tea was a wonderful idea I hadn't smiled as much as I did during our special day.

How's your week been? Went to a special High Tea? Or had something else fun happen, do tell us all about it! We'd love to know :)

Until another time,
Jo's Daughter

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