zondag 23 november 2014

Almost St Nicolas

Saint Nicolas is in the country again & to celebrate his arrivel we decorated our nature table in style with a little Sinterklaas en two Pieten that mom made...


From the Mieke Stender pattern. We will not be placing our shoes by the chimney in order to get a gift, but we make the cottage cozy and maybe drink some hot cocoa if I dare to test my tum. Though it's still a good couple of days till St Nicolas day, we enjoy seeing all the special foods in the shops. Chocolate letters, spiced ginger nuts, speculaas & marzipan. 
Something else fun this week was the discovery of two heartshaped potatoes in our pantry. They made me smile & I asked mom to quickly take a picture of them to shw you, before I peeled them. And she did as you can see :)
I've also adde two cute cat pictures of our Charlotte. She's sitting besides our Fern & in our shopping basket. Catching a few rays of sunlight. It's getting colder and winter is slowly creeping up on us. Time seems to fly doesn't it?!

How have you been this week? Decirated your home for St Nicolas? Found heartshaped potatoes? Or took lots of cute photo's of your pet, do tell! We'd love to hear from you.

Best Wishes,
Jo's Daughter

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