woensdag 19 november 2014

Blini's & Gnomes

Mom has been really creative and knitted, between attaches of coughing, some acorn men named Gnome Oakies. We got the pattern from Ravelry & they are really cute! They are made of Multi colored yarn in blue and teals...

When I felt able to cook again we tried out my Birthday present a blini pan. It has three perfectly round circles that are a bit deeper & create the perfectly round blinis you never get if you pour them by hand in an ordinairy pan.

Though I find the irregular shaped blinis to posses a certain charm. I rather liked the perfect ones that came out of my new pan. They tasted pretty good too, with butter and honey.

Something else we made at Pale Rose was a spiders web. From a chestnut, cocktail sticks and some linnen yarn. When we were kids we wound them with wool in all sorts of colors. But now we chose a naturel color that doesn't "catch the eye" in a same way. Just how I like it :) The autumn leaves are dipped in beeswax, so that they preserve their color.

How have you been this week? Recovering from the flu? Knitting gnome covers for acorns? Baking blini's and having them with honey? Tell us everything, we love to hear from you!

Until another time,
Jo's Daughter

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh those tiny gnomes are adorable! Soooo small and beautiful :-)
    And your blinis look very yummy indeed!

    1. Thank you, the blinis turned out rather tasty :)

  2. Those gnomey-acorns are so sweet! Hope you are feeling better.

    1. Thanks, we are getting a little bit better every day.

  3. I love those little gnomes - have to look for that pattern as we have two huge oak trees and HEAPS of acorns! The blinis look delicious. Hope you are recovering well.


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