donderdag 7 januari 2016

An unexpectate Visitor

This week we had a special visitor in our cottage garden. Charlotte our lovely cat spotted the visitor first & it's unexpected arrival made her flap her tail vigorously from left to right and back again. At first we did not notice what caused her to be so excited, but then...

Dad saw in the tree at the bottom of our garden a beautiful red/brown squirrel, hopping from branch to branch. I tried to take a picture of it but could not zoom in close enough to get a clear and recognizable image.

Just as I had put down the camera the squirrel jumped to the ground, ran theough our garden towards the kitchen window & climbed the frame seperating our garden from that of our neighbour. This time it was close enough to take a "good" picture and what a wonderful creature it is.

Above I show you the photo I made.

Our Christmas tree (picture in previous post) is gone from our livingroom, Charlotte had already helped to remove the baubles and that without asking her to do it ;) She had suddenly realised they could be great fun to play with. Luckily they are knitted and cannot break.

Yesterday we celebrated Three Kings Day & we had planned to bake a celebratory bread. But Mom had sore arms/shoulders & I had another headache :( Perhaps we will be able to bake one today after our visit to the hospital. Something fun to look forward to today.

Did you celebrated Kings day? Seen a squirrel in your garden or the park perhaps? Anything else to sahre? Please don't hessitate to share. We'd love to know!

Best Wishes,
Jo's Daughter

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