donderdag 18 februari 2016

A day with the Family

We had a wonderful familyday, as my dad celebrated another birthday last week. My sister had come over and there was so much to talk about. She had brought a bag full of fruit aswell as a cookbook & suggested we make dried fruit snacks, a recipe in her cookbook, from it together. My sister did not need to ask me twice & so we stepped into the kitchen of Pale Rose Cottage and got cooking...

The dried fruit strips had to bake on a low temperature for a very long time. In which we drank tea and shared stories. Some snacks where made, it was a lively afternoon! We lighted a candle as the evening came closer and it was time for my sister to go home sgain. We ate mom's homemade tomatoe soup & all felt happy to have had such a good family time! The fruitstrips turned out lovely and went like hotcakes :)

Did you recently celebrate a familymembers birthday? Ever made fruit strips or hade some appetizers that tasted great? Do tell!

Best wishes,
Jo's Daughter

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