donderdag 11 februari 2016

Cupcakes, just for me

Hello again, it's been a noise week here in the village where Pale Rose cottage stands . The villagers celebrate Carnaval, dressing up in costumes. Playing loud music & walking through the streets as a parade while doing the above. Not our cup of tea, my parents and I don't like the festivities and our Charlotte is so very frightened by it all. Time to make our own fun!

Therefor we closed the blinds so Charlotte wouldn't see al the costume wearing people, throwing confetti and candy to the children watching the parade. Except it turned out that there was no parade. Because of the wind, rain and just all together bad weather it was canceled.

The loud music was still there and we had, before closing the blinds, seen people in costumes walk past. So they must have celebrated somewhere. I was just so thankfull that they spared us the noisy parade, if only for our cats sake. Is it ok to be happy, when so many people must feel dissappointed?

I desides not to dwell on that thought and I rummaged through some of my new secondhand cookbooks and found a recipe for oatmeal and banana cupcakes. So I "dressed up" in my apron and rolled up my sleeves. Time to get baking!

I used thd polkadot cupcake liners I got from mom and dad at Christmas to make them look extra festive. It was a healthy version cupcake and after they came brown and steaming from the oven, I could not wait to have a bite. Mom and Dad did not enjoy them at all, but I found them, if not fabulous, still tasty. So over the next couple of days (from mondat till now) I ate them all myself. Not as much fun as enjoying them together but there you go.

Have you baked anythjng this week? Tried a new recipe like me? Celebrated Carnaval? Dressed up, if only in your apron ;) ? Do tell !

Best wishes,
Jo's Daughter

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