donderdag 25 februari 2016

Mother Earth and all it's Blooms

Hello again, gosh another week past since my last post. We've had loads of rain in the village where Pale Rose Cottage stands and wind too. But for many bulbs residing in our cottage garden it did nog matter at all. They are strong and resilliant. They flower, even in this stormy weather...

We have snowdrops and grape hyacints, mini daffodills and purple crocusses. All very pretty and some have therefor ended up in a small vase on our nature table. Alongside Mother Earth and a collection of rootchildren. Which my mom made many years ago. I have a lot of  memories featuring them from my childhood. Wonderful to have, something else wonderful is the indoor flowers we have. A terracotta pot of hyacinthbulbs, blue ones that smell divine. When I come downstairs the whole livingroom is filled with their perfume. If only you could bottle it :)

Have you got any hyacinths in your home? In the garden? Or decorated the naturetable ready for spring? Had something else fun happen you wish to share? Please do, would love to know!

Best wishes,
Jo's Daughter

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