zaterdag 29 oktober 2016

You know it's Autumn when...

Hello, just a quick post today. You really know it's autumn when you water your plants & spot a tiny super cute mushroom growing beside it :)

woensdag 26 oktober 2016

Celebrating my Birthday

It's a few days ago now, 5 to be exact, and I celebrated another birthday. Been wanting to share it with you and finally found the time to do so. Last friday I put on my new sweater. Styled my hair straight, not an everyday event I shyly admit. And got congratulated with tea and chocolate biscuits. Mom had asked me what cake I wanted her to bake, but I decided to go for the "healthier" option of just a biscuit, covered in chocolate...

woensdag 19 oktober 2016

Apple a Day

Lots of people are suffering from colds, but not us here at Pale Rose cottage. We wear warm clothes and what may be our secret... We eat a baked  apple a day.

zondag 16 oktober 2016

Movie, Chocolate chip & me

Is it me or has the temperature suddenly dropped? One day, only a good week ago, I was wearing nothing but a tshirt and the next day my winter boots came on. Time for some cozy moments at the cottage with mom :)

dinsdag 11 oktober 2016

Vegetarian Goulash

During one of our shopping trips to the secondhand bookshop, I found a gem :) A vegeatrian cookbook with a recipe for goulash. Mom had dreamed of a goulash almost ever since we became a vegetarian a good many years ago. But a recipe was never found or looked for with vigor...

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