woensdag 26 oktober 2016

Celebrating my Birthday

It's a few days ago now, 5 to be exact, and I celebrated another birthday. Been wanting to share it with you and finally found the time to do so. Last friday I put on my new sweater. Styled my hair straight, not an everyday event I shyly admit. And got congratulated with tea and chocolate biscuits. Mom had asked me what cake I wanted her to bake, but I decided to go for the "healthier" option of just a biscuit, covered in chocolate...

I know not the best choice, but the flavor was lovely. I find birthdays always a bit difficult. So many that can no longer celebrate with you. Another year gone. Not sure why I feel so nostalgic, is that the word? But as we had a day as any other no balloons or confetti I quickly felt better and less sad.

From mom and Dad I got a fun pudding cookbook and a little money. I'm saving up for a new bike.We drank tea together and like I said pretty much had a day like any other at Pale Rose cottage. In the evening my friend came to dinner & she gave me a beautiful teatowel with lemon print, a lemon soap and cute plant + the promise we'd go to the movies my pick.

It was obvious that we have a lot in common. Because I had had a similar idea, I had two tickets to the movies and not long after dessert, we were watching Keeping up with the Joneses. We had a lovely evening and being the birthday girl no longer seemed like a chore.

The next day, I dressed up again in a new outfit for my sister and her boyfriend came to celebrate. I got a delicious bottle of scent, a Jane Austen 5 year diary & a pair of handknitted socks :D

We chatted and laughed, we made brightly colored sushi & time always flies when you are enjoying yourself doesn't it?! There is never enough time to catch up. But what fun we'd all had! Same again next year?!

Are you fond of birthdays? Made colorfull sushi? Or had something else fun happen this (past) week? Do tell! I'd love to know :)

Best wishes,
Jo's Daughter

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