woensdag 2 november 2016

Dried apples & Paper bags

We've been busy bees here at Pale Rose. At the farmshop here in the village we bought apples that keep long. Lots of apples in fact, too many apples perhaps. But nothing gets wasted here at the cottage...

We filled a large bowl with salted water and started slicing the apples, dunking them in. Stringing them on a bamboo rod & hang them up in front if the window.

That's right we are making dried apples. A family favorite!! If you buy them ready made it's costly and it's such fun to make them together :) Lots of teadrinking and chatting goes along with it.

Suddenly we heard a russeling sound, as if paper was being toyed with. We turned round and spotted Charlotte, inside the paperbag from the apples. She looked really cute and I quickly took a picture to share with you. She enjoys playing with paperbags so much!

How have you been? Dried any apples? Had a cat playing with a paperbag? Do tell!!

Jo's Daughter

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