dinsdag 22 november 2016

Pine child & Pumpkin soup

As I told you in my previous post, my mom has been busy crafting. Shortly after our visit at the hospital for pain treatment, she got the creative bug & made this gorgeous flowerchild, a Pine cone doll...

It's got a nice place on our naturetable and we all like to look at it & look forward to the holidays. My sister and her boyfriend are comming over to celebrate with us. I keep changing my mind about what we will eat :) It doesn't matter much as there are enough days till December 25th.

We also went to a Christmas market a few days ago. Lots of people stood in line to get in & everyone was buying lots and lots of things. But we couldnt find anything to our liking/taste. I only bought 4 small silver baubles, that would go well with the old ones we already have.

When we got home we made pumpkin and leek soup. It was nice to get something warm in your tum.
Have you gone to a Christmas market yet? Found any treasues there? Do tell! I'd love to know.

Jo's Daughter

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