woensdag 9 november 2016

Tarte Tatin, oh so fin

When you buy a new cookbook, even if it's not a brand new one. You cannot wait to try out a recipe or two. That is exactly what happened at Pale Rose. Mom, dad and I went to a quaint shop that only sells secondhand items. And it wasn't long before I spotted the cookbook section :)

I can browse through them for hours, but time flies when you're having fun. So after flipping through many books, admiring pictures and feeling suddenly very hungry. I bought a vegetarian cookbook in which the recipe for a sweet potatoe and chicory tarte tatin had caught my eye.

I'm not that familiar with French food. Never made (or ate) a tarte tatin but this one sounded delicious.

We stopped at the grocery store on our way back to the cottage. Bought the nescesary ingredients and quickly got cooking :) It turned out rather pretty and served with veggie chicken it was a sheer delight! Now I'm curious about some of the other meals in my new cookbook :)

Have you ever made or had a tarte tatin? What vegetables dod you use? Like to shop at secondhand stores? What was your latest find? Do tell!

All my best to you and those you love,
Jo's Daughter

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