zondag 6 november 2016

The Emotional meal

Here at Pale Rose we gave a recorder. Which records programs on tv that I want to watch sometime, not particulary when they are on live. One of those shows I recorded was the delicious miss Dahl.
I saw it years ago when it first cane out on the telly. But as there is very little on & I remembered it as a nice program desided to rewatch it today...

Miss Dahl tells you all about emotional cooking, reads poetry and cooks a few dishes. I remembered it a bit differently than I saw it now. Or mabey it's that I'm older now and recalled most of the show. I do adore her kitchen though!! The white tiles, the quirky accesories & I like the idea of cooking towards how you feel. It's such an emotionally invested thing cooking.

When the evening fell and it was time to cook our own meal. One potato showed me its emotion about being boiled and eaten ;) Made us laugh :)

Do or did you watch miss Dahl? Cook from emotion? Or had a funny potato that looked lije something else? Do tell, I'd love to know.

Best wishes,
Jo's Daughter

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