maandag 28 november 2016

Tummetott, the fox & Chinese salad

Here it is, our new wreath with Tomte Tummetott and the Fox. My mom needlefelted them after the famous book. Are they not adorable? I think they are :) They will stand beautifully on our coffeetable during the festive season!

For dinner I made a new recipe, Cabbage salad with carrot and orange & tofu plus toasted sesameseeds. We enjoyed it all & now we're off. Shopping for a tree! Yes it's still November but that Swedish store is selling them already so.... We are hoping to get the perfect tree, small enogh to fit in our small car. Straight and slender to fit the tiny corner in our cottage, you know the one where the tree always stands. Gotta go now, see you soon her at Pale Rose again.

All my best,
Jo's Daughter

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