dinsdag 20 december 2016

Almost ready for the Holidays

Here at Pale Rose cottage, mom and I have been busy planning for the holidays. We have been trying out recipes, comming up with menu suggestions. I have bought a new Christmas movie that we can watch after dinner, during tea & non holiday related we baked apple dumplings...

A recipe for St Michaelsday, a whole different feast I know. But very tasty now aswell I can assure you all. The tree is picked out, no it's not this mini one with thye plastic deer beside it. It's a great BIG tree that reaches the ceiling by but a good 10 centimeter. We have decorated and it looks beautiful!

Sadly I cannot show you a picture because some of you, yes dear sister I also mean you. Will like the surprise of seeing our tree for the very first time during your visit for the Holidays :D

Yes we are almost ready for Christmas, I can't wait!! Are you ready for the big day coming up? Or stressed out by food en glitter? Do share, I'd love to know :)

Best wishes,
Jo's Daughter

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