dinsdag 10 januari 2017

Anything but Uneventfull

Our Charlotte had a blast this week, playing with a large cardboard box. She hopped in and out again, hiding from us and clearly wanting to play :) Are cats wonderful or what?!!! She wasn't the only one having fun with it. With so much zen time at Pale Rose you'd never guessed what also happened...

We have had anything but a couple of uneventful days, I was cooking without my glasses on as my head hurt. Couldn't really see if dinner was ready or not & before I knew it I was screaming. Why? my sweater had caught fire and I was burning :( Quickly I pulled of the sweater and stamped on it a number of times to put the flames out. It was a miracle that my hair had not been alighted by it. Thge sweater has seen better days, but I had a good one thinking of what could have happened. I learned to keep my glasses on while cooking and be more careful of the stove.

A few days later mom had another kitchen accident. She didn't catch fire but cut her finger really deep while slicing a pumpkin that needed to be eaten. She went to the doctor and it was taken care of but waiting at the cottage for news minutes turned into hours. Luckily no stitches where needed and now mom can recover from the ordeal :)

Above a picture of a new recipe we made, on a day without misshapps. Brussels sprouts pie with feta cheese. A really different way to prepare this vegetable & I liked the way it turned out.

How have you been? on fire? bleeding or just playing with your cat? Do Tell we'd love to know :)

Jo's Daughter

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