maandag 23 januari 2017

Pizza's and Paintreatment

Lots happened since my last post. No, I didn't set myself on fire that was hopefully a one off ;)
I also had a lot of headaches for which I go to the pain clinic at the hospital. The bad days prefented me from writing anything new.

But here's a little something that went on at the cottage. We read cookbooks I had borrowed from the library & I ate and made a lot of new recipes. Some more successfull than others, but that's life in the kitchen isn't it?! Lovely to try different flavors.

In the picture at the top you see a homemade pizza with goatscheese and dried figs, aswell as bellpeppers and onion. I was really interested to see how it would work out, but it more than did! Here at Pale Rose cottage we all loved it and I wrote it in my keepers recipe book. A great success :D

We made it on a good day in which my head didn't hurt as much. How amazing to really enjoy the baking/cooking and the tasting of it without an ache. I try to stay positive but when you are not feeling too great it can be difficult as you no doubt know aswell.

What really lifts my spirit is our Charlotte, playing hide and seek with a cardboard box. Cats love to explore everything new & our girl is no exception. Though the box looks big in the photo she only just fitted in it. But what a joyfull time she had with it. Makes you forget all about the soreness and smile your biggest smile!

Best wishes,
Jo's Daughter

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