dinsdag 24 januari 2017

Polenta pancakes & Cold feet

Another new recipe we tried this week, a lovely plate of Polenta Pancakes with Bramble sauce. We made them for lunch and all enjoyed them immensly. A bit tricky to flip them over but in the end we got the hang of it. Don't they look lovely and homey. No two where the same and I rather liked there rustic shapes :) It felt lovely getting something new and warm to eat. When we woke up today the world around our cottage had turned white, snow beautiful...

The end of the meal over and watching the last few episodes of Larkrise to Candleford with mom. Which I had bought in the secondhand shop. I had the last two sweets in the pot for a type of dessert, well that's what I made it to be ;) Life is further going on relaxed here at Pale Rose. Lots of rain and cold feet, because of the cold temperature outside & today the snow. I wore my hat out and last year I recall that I didn't have to do that. And inside I put on two pairs of socks. It looked a bit funny, but it was only us that saw it. Charlotte, mom and dad & me.

Been knitting a bit, I'm making new Christmas baubles to put on our tree this December. A bit early to start? I don't think so, time flies when you are having fun & I like knitting a lot. Number 15 of the Christmas baubles is completed, I stilll have to fill them all and stitch them up. I'm doing that when I have finished up almost all the yarn.

What's been happening with you? Been knitting? Made pancakes? Watched a series on tv? Do tell, I'd love to know.

Best Wishes,
Jo's Daughter

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