zondag 12 februari 2017

Carrot cakes and More

Mom and me had a rough couple of days in which headaches where almost constant. But despite being unwell we also had some lovely moments together at Pale Rose cottage. We baked a new cake, a carrot cake with no sugar in it, just a little honey to sweeten it...

Our cake came out of the oven perfectley, and we enjoyed a slice (or two) with our tea!! There was no Sugar in it so we could indulge without guild. Further it's been quiet at the cottage. Enjoying those silent moments without pain. Spending quality time together. Reading a cookbook and getting inspired. Watching for the mailman to see if we got anything fun for dad's birthday. Playing with Charlotte our adorable cat. And yes being relieved when the headaches are absent.

What's been going on at your home? Baked anything? Had a headache? Or a fabulous time together with your family? Do share, we would love to know!

Best wishes,
Jo's Daughter

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