woensdag 15 februari 2017

Rootchildren and Raspberry pudding

Today we had a slow morning. Thinking back to the visit from my sister and her boyfriend, to celebrate dad's birthday. He got some lovely food items & a new Hercule Poirot inspired book to read. A card and Bosche Bollen to have with our tea. There was so much news to share and mom had made a lovely pudding...

A mug cake with berries, using frozen from the freezer as they are not in season yet. My sister said that mugcakes are all the rage... Didn't know that. No this picture above is not from the mugcakes. But from the Chiapudding we had for breakfast this morning. Also using frozen raspberries, coconut and almondmilk. Served in vintage teacups, do they look adorable or what?! The flavor was really good too ;)

Speaking of adorable, how do you like the crochet rootchildren in the seedpod? I think they are super cute!! Mom made the rootchildren a few years ago but their new home is a first here at Pale Rose cottage. It's as if they where made for it, snuggled up real cozy.

How's your week been? Celebrated a birthday? Made Chiapudding or a mugcake? Have rootchildren on display? Do tell us all about it, we'd love to know!

Jo's Daughter

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