woensdag 15 maart 2017

Chutney and Tea

We have been busy in the kitchen of Pale Rose cottage. Cooking "ordinairy" meals & also trying out a few new recipes. Something we all love!! Mom had found a recipe to make your own Pear Chutney & we tried it out this week....

It contained hazelnuts and raisins alongside pear and onion. Turned out brilliantly & tasted divine!!! We had it with some goatscheese on toast. A real winner, so I wrote the recipe down in my keepers handwritten recipebook. That way we can find it back easily and enjoy it once more. So now I'm going to pour myself a cup of tea & then vote.

Have you ever made your own chutney? How did it turn out? Something else delicious you made? Do tell! We'd love to know!!

Bedt wishes,
Jo's Daughter

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