vrijdag 31 maart 2017

Oats and Eggs

Here at Pale Rose we've tried a "new" thing, well new to us. We made overnight oats, with berries from the freezer. In some empty jamjars, looking lovely I think...

And tasting rather good too, we have had some nice sunny days here in the village. So dad worked in our garden a bit, making it look pretty again.

We went to my favorite secondhand bookstore. Were I purchased a cookbook and a novel for a really good price. So lots of hours of happy reading ahead :)

The birds are singing loudly to wake us ;) Charlotte gets all excited with so many birds flying around. How she wishes she could catch one I believe. She is such a little hunter.

And yesterday for lunch we had eggs on buttered raisinbread. One of my favorite combinations.

What's been going on at your home? Made overnight oats? Had sunshine? Boiled an egg? Went to a secondhand bookstore? Something else? Do tell!! We are curious as always :)

Best wishes,
Jo's Daughter

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