donderdag 13 april 2017

Alpaca, walks and Leek sprouts

We've been going on more walks lately. The weather is sunnier and the doctor told me that walking helps with headaches. Which I've been having a lot unfortunately. But the good thing is that we can go to the park and can see the Alpaca's....

They are difficult to get all four on camera. There is a white one, two medium brown ones and a dark brown smaller Alpaca. I tried to pet them but they are a bit shy I think and keep out of reach. I wonder if their wool is as soft to the touch as it looks... Lovely to look at these creatures though, so I thought I share a picture with you.

Back home at Pale Rose cottage, we'd worked up an appetite & had buns with peanutbutter and (leek-) sprouts for lunch. Are you, like us, looking forward to Easter? We are going to celebrate it with my sister and her boyfriend.

Is there a park near your home? Seen any Alpaca's up close? Was able to pet them? Like to go on walks? Do tell!

Best wishes,
Jo's Daughter

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