zondag 9 april 2017

Palmsunday at Pale Rose cottage

Today it's Palmsunday and we have a carefull hope that Dad is still improving. But I won't be talking anymore about the scary and "exciting" times we had. I have something else exciting to show you => Our new additions to our nature table...
Are these not absolutely wonderful?! Mom has been busy, keeping her hands occupied helpt while her toughts went round and round, she confessed to me.

I think that my mom has produced some of the most magical Waldorf decorations we have here at Pale Rose cottage :D

We are going to bake a healthy cake today, which uses prunes as a sweetener. Curious how it will turn out. Also going for a walk in the park and see the Alpaca's , they really are cute.

Now I'm going to knit for a bit, still trying to get all the Christmas baubels ready for the end of this year ;)

What's been happening with you? Do tell!! As we love to know!

Best wishes,
Jo's Daughter

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Those are SO beautiful! How inspiring! I would love to make something similar for our nature table next year.


  2. Thank you Brandy!! I'll tell my mom you like them :D


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