dinsdag 9 mei 2017

Fruit, Flowers and a Funny Feline

The tulips from our cottage garden where so beautiful that it was a waste to leave them blooming in the back of the garden. A spot where we could not see ghem at all. So we decided to have them in a vase on our coffeetable....

They immediately brought color to the livingroom. Something else that was beautiful and delicious at the same time was our fruitsalad. Mango and our first Dutch strawberries this year, so yummy !!

Another thing worth mentioning is our Charlotte, who in her mind is always "hunting" for birds. Playing this week with the feather I found for her. Having it in her mouth, sticking out on both sides of her little face. So adorable to see, a shame I didn't capture it on camera.

How is life at your side of the computer? Enjoying the flowers in your garden? Had a fruitsalad? Smiled at your cat for being cute? Do tell!!

Until next time,
Jo's Daughter

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