zondag 14 mei 2017

Happy Mothersday !!

It's mothersday today & we were so happy to be together again as a family. You see my sister surprised us with her visit. It wasn't planned and the three of us at Pale Rose, plus our Charlotte, all very much appreciated it. We cooked together, at blueberries, talked and laughed, such a nice time we had!!

Mom got a little bit spoiled with a few gifts and flowers. We (mom and I) made plans to bake a lentil mushroom pate tomorrow. In the pretty blauw pateform displayed in the first picture. Another new recipe this will be, we have been wanting to try it out for a while. If it turns out delicious we will make it again for our next visit to my sister and her boyfriends home. Which will be next week, we cannot wait :)

Have you been lucky enough to be able to celebrate mothersday? Cooked together or have a beautiful  bouquet on your coffeetable? Do tell, we'd love to know!

Jo's Daughter

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