zaterdag 20 mei 2017

Miss lemon the Survivor

Do you remember Miss Lemon? Our lemon plant that we grew from a plump seed? She has grown significantley this past year & even survived Charlotte accidenteley pushing her of the windowsill of Pale Rose cottage...

But she is strong and a real survivor. You'd hardly recognise her from her baby picture, but she isn't the only plant at the cottage. Mom has green fingers and we have many pretty ones. My favorite though is the one shown here in the picture next to Charlotte. I don't know the English name for it. But it's special to me, as Dad surprised me with it. You see I had one just like it.... But at the same time that Miss Lemon fell of the windowsil, so did that first one & sadly it broke into pieces  and died. This plant is extra special for me as it was a gift from my father.

Do you have plants in your home? Grew a lemontree from seed?  Or have a cat that sometimes throws them on the ground? Do tell! We'd love to know!

Best wishes,
Jo's Daughter

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