dinsdag 30 mei 2017

Warm weather & Soup

It's so warm here in the village where Pale Rose cottage stands. We had the windows open and it made no difference at all. We ate lots of salads and summer fruits. We drank lots of water and had a movienight or two.

Than today it was a day of only 24 degrees Celsius. We made a cozy pan of vegetable soup :) I know,  I know it doesn't match but the soup tasted lovely despite the heat. We used the cheerful rainbow carrots and parsley, not from our garden I must add. The parsley there had a heatstroke and turned a funny shade of yellow... But our rosemary is looking good & we plan to make tea with it soon.

How's it been with you? Survived the heat? Made soup? Or had another thing happen you care to share with us, please do. We'd love to know!!

Best wishes,
Jo's Daughter

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