donderdag 15 juni 2017

Clovers, a Kitten and pretty Pasta

A walk in de park turned into picking clovers for our cottage this week. The grass might be mowed down at any moment and these beautiful purple flowers really brighten up a shelve in oud diningroom area...

Something else colorful was the pasta we had. Spirals in yellow, green and red. Besides picking flowers and cooking pasta we (mom and I) went to see the new kitten from my sisters friend. A tiny black and white ball of fur. With the wonderful characteristic that it loooooves to be petted. He sat on my lap and fell asleep there. Such a blissful moment, stroking its cheek and sipping tea.


When we got home Charlotte did notice the "other cat scent" but didn't seem to mind it. That was good, how's your week been?

Picked wildflowers? Cooked pasta in three different colors? Went to visit a baby cat and wanted to take him home like me? Do tell!!

Best Wishes,
Jo's Daughter

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