vrijdag 9 juni 2017

Rhubarb and Lentil pate

We've been busy in Pale Roses kitchen, which is always great.  On days when it was not so hot or so windy & we stayed at home. We made sweetened rhubarb, by putting cubes of the veg in a dish with water and honey. Soften it in the oven & serving it in our yoghurt. In the background you spot our new plant an Aloë Vera...

Which we got at that Swedosh furniture shop not too far from the village where our cottage stands.

Another treat we made was a lentil pate for on a sandwich. Containing amongst other things lentils, mushrooms, onion and parsley. Both "dishes" we will make again as they were rather yummy :)

Oud Charlotte has been going on walks in Pale Roses garden with mom & she is getting braver about being out of the cottage. We still would not let her out on her own. Far too scared of losing her. But she is laying on the earth, sniffing all the plants. Chasing bees and just having fun being a cat :D Which is lovely!!

How have you been? Busy trying new treats? Walking your cat? Enjoying the sun and wind? Do share we'd love to know!

All my best wishes to you,
Jo's Daughter

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