maandag 17 juli 2017

Herbs & a Quinoa salad

After warm days we had rain and a couple of days ago lightening. Luckily we had picked our herbs from Pale Rose's garden, ready for use. We made mint tea and I tried a new recipe for a Quinoa salad with cucumber, orange zest, dried plums and goatscheese. It was an instant hit at our cottage and it cheered me up a bit...

I haven't been feeling too good you see & though I get ideas like lets try a new recipe... It takes a lot of time before I can set myself to actually make it happen. For example I found a recipe for lavender scones, but it's still only a recipe in my handwritten "must try this notebook".

You see I have a depression, mainly because of my situation. Or for feeling so incredibley lonely. I thought that blogging about our life at Pale Rose would make me feel less alone. But I cannot set myself to share more of the less sunny days at the cottage. Is it out of fear of being judged or is it that I feel like you might only visit us for the cheerful moments... I'm not sure, but I guess I tried to be more open today. Hope you don't mind and continue to visit us here.

Have you ever made a quinoa salad? Picked herbs from your garden to make tea? Something else you want to share, please do we'd love to know!

All my best wishes,
Jo's Daughter

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