donderdag 6 juli 2017

Peonies and American Pancakes

Look at the gorgeous flowers we have on our coffeetable here at the cottage. Picked from our garden and so beautiful you wish they would keep forever. Though pink is not my favorite color, that would be yellow. I am captivated  by it's intensity and yet the delicacy of the petals..

Something else that was rather stunning, to eat. Was a new recipe for American Banana Pancakes. Which we made for lunch this week. I couldn't get those perfect circles you normally see with a pile of American Pancakes. But the taste made more than up for the quirky shapes of the pancakes.

How's life at your side? Baked pancakes for lunch? Have beautiful flowers on your table? Something else worth mentioning, please do! We love to hear from you!!

My very best wishes,
Jo's Daughter

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