dinsdag 8 augustus 2017

Cat Day

We have a day every year on which we celebrate our pets, but it was only a few weeks ago I learned that there is an international Cat-day aswell. Time to celebrate our beloved Charlotte....

Some of my favorite pictures of my favorite cat(s). Charlottes sister is also a darling! Such a shame the girls didn't get along anymore. But Chloƫ the cute white cat in the first picture
, has now a wonderful home with my sister. So we are all still family which is great !

Charlotte likes re sleep in high llaces & adores playing with wool. A lot of cats like that :)

Isn't she lovely,  stealing mom's knitting yarn ?! Do you have a cat? Or just crlebrating cats day? Do rell us all about it. We'd love to know!!

Best wishes,
Jo's Daughter

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