zondag 27 augustus 2017

Visiting my Sister

Some time ago we went to visit my sister. It had been too long since we last saw each other. She had loads of things to tell us & made a delicious vegan salad for dinner. With eggplant, courgette, quinoa and mint amongst other things....

Time flew by and we also visited a favorite shop of hers, where mom and dad & I had never been. It was lovely to see it, though seeing my sibling was the absolute best. For dessert we had a Texelcake. Which she had bought on her weekend at Texel, it was in the shape of the Island. Before you could blink your eyes it was time to go home again. Seeing Charlotte is always great as is being at Pale Rose cottage. But seeing family can't really be beaten aswell.

How have you been? Visited a relative? Had a delicious vegan salad? Or a funny shaped cake? Do tell!! We love to keep in touch with you!

All my best wishes,
Jo's Daughter

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