donderdag 7 september 2017

A Red Currant Salad

We've had a courgette and lots of small tomatoes from Pale Rose's garden. No, sadly de plump ones in the picture are not homegrown. But we've had a lovely salad with fresh parsley from the kitchen. It wasn't the only salad we've had this week. As I borrowed a salad cookbook from the library...

In it was a recipe that intruiged me, a red currant salad. We made it, tried it & all loved it so much that we will make it again today :D It has become an instant family favorite & it's sad that the red currant season isn't longer, or I'd have it on my birthday and Christmas aswell.

What have you been cooking this week? Ever made a salad with red currants? Or have another winning dish featuring them? Do tell!!

Best wishes from all of us at Pale Rose cottage,
Jo's Daughter

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