donderdag 28 september 2017

A Smooth(ie) Toast

Life at Pale Rose is always wonderful, but how you feel about life in general can vary. As it does for most of us I imagine. I’ve been struggeling with feeling a bit blue & though I like to keep things positive, it can be challenging at times...

So the best thing for it is doing what you love, or eating what you like in my case. Cranberry toasts for a snack, served with a lovely drink. A warm pot of herbal tea with a little honey.

Another lovely drink I had (a while ago) was a strawberry smoothie at my friends S’s house. It was really delicious, made even more so as we had it while spending some quality time together. Memories like that chase the blueness away. So lets raise a glass and toast to friendship :)

Are you feeling a bit blue now that the leaves are starting to fall? Like to eat cranberry toasts, make fruity smoothies? Do tell, we’d love to hear from you.

Jo’s Daughter

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