vrijdag 22 september 2017

Chill Courgette Cakes

Autumn has begon yesterday and it's noticable here at Pale Rose cottage. The heating has been on & still our toes are cold aswell as the tips of our noses. Dear Charlotte is also feeling the chill & likes to be wrapped up, like the bundle of joy that she is...

For lunch this week we made courgette pancakes, a nice warming meal that was a big hit in our home. So I suspect it to become a dish in our keepers recipe book. Which is getting fuller and fuller, as we often make new meals from the must try recipe book. I have two notebooks, one in which I write recipes that make me think "oh that must be lovely". Another one in which I write the recipes that are indeed delicious :)

Is it chilly at your home? Wrap your cat up in blankets? Ever baked courgette pancakes? Keep a notebook for the must try & tested recipes that you want to keep?

Best wishes,
Jo's Daughter

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