maandag 4 september 2017

Dikkertjes and a Fruity drink

Guess what we made for lunch? Ok, so that wasn't a difficult question. If you've read the headline of this post. But I will say it once more, we made dikkertjes, small Dutch pancakes a family favorite. I was going to have them with a dollop of lemoncurd, my favorite :) Also a delicious Earl Grey tea. In the afternoon, not long after lunch we had another wonderful drink...

A red berries and sparkling water. Made ourselves, a pretty red color and fresh fruity flavor. Loved it!! What I also love is that the garden here at Pale Rose cottage still has loads of flowers in it. Summer might be passing on a bit, you wouldn't guess it by looking at our blooms.

How's your week going? Baked dikkertjes for lunch? Love lemoncurd like me? Make a fruity drink for these still sunny days? Do tell, we'd love to know :)

All my best,
Jo's Daughter

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