dinsdag 19 september 2017

Orange Porridge at Mansfield Park

There is nothing like reading one of your favorite books again. The familiar words you love, the story you're looking forward to unfold onve more. And what would be better than to take it with you to the breakfast table, laying it down beside a bowl of delightfulness. Impatiently waiting while at the same time being conphortable there while you enjoy your breakfast...

A brand new recipe, that dear Jane herself might have loved had she eaten it. Orange porridge, made without milk and with fresh orange juice. I really loved it, true it's not as creamy but it's fresh and fruity. I'll definitely make it again as mom, dad and I all enjoyed it :)

Are you reading a favorite novel again? Ever made porridge with orange juice? Have some other news to share? Don't be shy, we love to keep in touch :)

All my best wishes,
Jo's Daughter

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