vrijdag 29 september 2017

St Michael & Carrots

As you might know it’s St Michaels day today & though we have skipped baking a dragonbread this year. Due to health issues I won’t bother you with. We did get creative with autumn finds, some beeswax and cotton yarn in a true Waldorph style...

St Michael is ready to fight the fearsome dragon & some toadstools grow on the side made by my mom. Pretty aren’t they, rather love them.

For yesterdays dinner we used some of our homegrown carrots. The wonderfully “wonky ones” ;) Just had to share this pictire with you. The harvest might be small, but what sweetness they possesed.

Today we’ll light a candle, besides the Michaelmas daisies picked from the garden. We’ll also have a poached apple in bramble sauce, can’t wait!

Are you celebrating today? Do tell, we love to hear from you!!

Best wishes,
Jo’s Daughter

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