maandag 25 september 2017

Sunflower & Coconut Macaroons

The sunflowers mom has planted as seeds in the garden have grown and started to flower. Not all flowers have the original yellow petals but a few, like the one in the photo, are a beautiful burned orange that stands out agains the green background...

Inside Pale Rose we also brought a little bit of sunshine, wel warmth more like it. From the oven, being on and us baking a new recipe for Coconut Macaroons with banana. We had some eggwhite left over from another recipe & what can you do with that?? I love the pretty color they turned out as & the taste was delightfull aswell. Just the thing to "accompany" a nice cup of tea , which is never far away here at the cottage :D

Have you got any sunflowers in your garden? Are they all yellow or have you just as us some other shades? Baked any coconut macaroons? Or have you eaten them woth tea? Do tell, we are always curious as you know ;)

All my best,
Jo's Daughter

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