woensdag 4 oktober 2017

Pancakes on a Bookcase

It’s a special day today, World Animal. Besides spoiling our beloved Charlotte, we decided to spoil ourselves aswell. By baking pancakes => one of  my favorites :D The recipe stated to serve them with syrup and crispy bacon. But as you know, we are vegetarians & we left that bit out. The sun shines a little bit through the windows here at Pale Rose cottage & we are not the only ones enjoying it....

As is the most beautiful cat of the village, well she is in our minds anyway :) Taking place on our cookbook bookcase, grooming and purring and grooming some more. Can there be a more appealing sight than a happy cat? Not on World Animal day I think!

Are you spoiling your pet? Or yourselve? Enjoying that little bit of sunshine? Don’t hesitate to share it with us, we love to hear all about it.

All my best,
Jo’s Daughter

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