vrijdag 13 oktober 2017

What a Peach !

Charlotte brings such joy and light into our cottage & when there is but a bit of sunshine she knows where to find it. Charlotte lays down in its rays, gets really relaxed and is open to cozy cuddles. How amazing to have such quality time together, it makes me relaxed too. She  is such a delightful and adorable little “peach”...

Something else that was a star, the wild peaches we had past summer. I planned to make peach pies with my pie mold but for some reason all the peaches where eaten before I could make a pie dough. One of them had a funny stem, seen in picture above.

That’s it for today, Charlotte is asking for some treat & I’ll try to get one of her cuddles in the process :)

All my best wishes,
Jo’s Daughter

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