vrijdag 24 november 2017

Poppyseed Poffertjes

Poppyseeds are a favorite of mine, as are Poffertjes, the mini pancakes you get here in Holland. After we went tree shopping, yes we brought a Christmas tree home to Pale Rose cottage already. I made a batter and started baking poffertjes, combining the two things I really like...

Mmmm it smelled wonderful of tree and poffertjes, they tasted great. The mini pancakes that is, the tree is not for consumption ;) It was a fabulous day and the rain and wind only added to the cozy feeling of home and family. So I just wanted to share a quick picture with you.

Have you got a tree already? Too early perhaps for you? Ever added poppyseeds to pancake batter? Something else fun you like to share, please go ahead. We love hearing from you!

Jo’s Daughter

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