dinsdag 26 december 2017

Christmas at my Sisters

We went to see my sister and her boyfriend to celebrate Christmas with the whole family. She surprised us with a fabulous meal, lovely gifts & great conversation/catching up....

My favorite where the puddings that looked too good to eat. And being all together again offcourse.
Which doesn't happen too often due to busy scedules and daily life.

We had orange juice and a wonderful tea with rum flavour in it. Super Christmassy and delicious! It was a gift she had gotten and shared with us, lovely! We had pumpkin soup and a truffel and mushroom risotto with nut loaf (we are Veggies :D) and cranberrysauce. Which she made herself

The icecubes in our water had cranberries in it, The tree was decorated with care and even though Chloe tried to climb it it stayed upright thank goodness. Loved looking at all the different decorations, my sister liked my gift of a polar bear Christmas bauble & I got a wonderful cookbook from her. It was a day that flew by before you knew it. Let's do it again next year!!!

Best wishes,
Jo's Daughter

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