dinsdag 12 december 2017

Snow nice !

When it’s snowing, like it has been for the last two days. It’s extra lovely to make it cozy at Pale Rose cottage & we did just that. By trying out a new recipe for Sweet Potatoe Croquettes...

A messy job it was shsping the mashed sweet potatoe mixture around a piece of goatscheese. Egging it and rolling it round in oats. But they stayed in their original shape even during the baking in the oan. Something we had not been sure of consoddering how soft thry were.

To accompany them I had made a lettice and cucumber salad & we loved every bite of our meal. It was oh Snow Nice ;)

Have you ecer made Sweet potatoe and goatscheese croquettes? Love cucumber salad? Had snow falling outside? Do tel!!

Warm wishes,
Jo’s Daughter

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